LUNATICS AND ACTORS features a demonstration of Duchenne de Boulogne’s experiments on three of his patients from a lunatic asylum in Paris.

Driven by his ambition to prove the mastery in his methods of generating authentic emotion, Duchenne decides to compare the results of his experiments on the lunatics with the “emotional authenticity” of an actor, whom he will select from the audience. And that’s when things get really strange.

Presented as a Workshop
May 2012 @ Lyric/Hyperion Theatre & Cafe
Lunatics & Actors by David Bridel
Directed by Jeremy Aluma and David Bridel

Jon Monastero as DR. DUCHENNE
and his lunatics
Alexis Jones as FIFI
Raymond Lee as PEPE
Zach Steel as BONBON

Costume & Scenic/Props Designer Fred Kinney
Lighting Designer Sarah Steinman
Associate Scenic/Props Designer Amanda Stuart
Associate Costume & Make Up Designer Noël Walker
Choreographers Edgar Landa & Debbie McMahon
Stage Manager Dave Honigman
Photographer Mustafa Sayed
Graphic Design Kiff Scholl
Hand Props Amy Ramirez
Design Consultant Staci Walters